Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Ikea Love Story

I love Ikea. I just do. It's like Target, only bigger and bluer and ... Swedish. And I don't get to go there very often, so when I do, I kind of go nuts.

I definitely lost my mind in there last weekend.

We went to Dallas to visit family and catch the Texas Rangers as they cruised toward the playoffs. We stayed with cousins who live in Frisco - which is also where DFW's Ikea store lives. And I practically lived in the store all weekend. Every time I get to an Ikea store, I go with a mission, and this time, it was the big-boy bedroom I blogged about a week or two ago. I went into the store with a vague inkling of an idea and left with a basically finished room. I bought bedding and curtains and pillows and accessories and art.

And I didn't stop there - I mean, I couldn't ignore the rest of the house, right? I bought dishes and a desk and the desk chairs to go with it and storage boxes and more pillows and even a chandelier.

And I managed to get it all home in our tiny car - they don't call it a Honda Fit for nothing.

Why, oh why, don't we have an Ikea at home? Oh yeah. Because they're "not interested in locating in our region." I know this because an old co-worker of mine actually called and asked. So the place does have one flaw. But for those of you who've never been to one, basically it's like a shopping amusement park. An enormous blue box filled with absolutely everything related to home. It's a great place for kitchen stuff, kids' stuff, accessories, frames, bedding, storage pieces - and furniture, if your taste leans toward the clean-lined and the contemporary. Which mine does.

Ikea, oh how I heart thee. :)

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