Monday, July 26, 2010

Dream Rooms

If you could design an entire room in your house using furniture and accessories from only one store, what store would it be? I'm talking a pie-in-the-sky, money-is-no-object, you-can-have-whatever-you-want scenario.


That's a question with no easy answer. I like a lot of different styles, so it'd probably depend on my mood. My top contenders are (in no particular order) CB2, Anthropologie, ABC Carpet & Home, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Design Within Reach, Ochre, Crate & Barrel, West Elm (pictured) and Ikea. I guess it's fairly obvious from this list that my taste leans toward the contemporary. I'd call five on the list contemporary or modern, two transitional and two ... eclectic.

(As for my own house, just in case you're wondering, it's definitely eclectic. And I use that term loosely. It's eclectic because I'm working with the hodge-podge of stuff my husband and I have collected or been given over the years, not because of some brilliant design plan on my part.)

I digress....

So, all right, all right. To answer my own question, if I absolutely had to pick one store, it'd be ... OK, no. I just can't. For one thing, half the fun of designing is finding little things here and there and making them all fit together as one cohesive whole. So since I'm making up the rules of this little game, I'd choose to use something from every store on this list.

Plus a couple more, depending on my mood that day.


Jessica said...

Off the top of my head, Ballard?
But I don't think I would like a room/house where everything was from the same place.

Because although I can always find a ton of stuff I love from Ballard, and I am traditional at heart, Ballard gets a bit... boring... for me.

Besides, shopping at only one place would take all the fun out of it! Now the money part? I can totally get on board with that!!

Davitr0n said...

If money was not taken into consideration, DWR for sure would be my first choice. I would buy every iconic modern classic piece of furniture I have ever wanted! My house would be a who's who of modern furniture design.

A close second for me would be Room & Board.

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