Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Design Star Auditions

Hope everybody reading this had a great Thanksgiving!

I noticed a post about HGTV's auditions for Design Star-Season Five. I love Design Star! And we definitely need some Memphis representation!!! I wouldn't apply in a million years - I prefer to have my name in print, not my face on camera. But Memphis has tons of awesome designers, so please, all you designers around here harboring secret dreams of stardom, apply! I would love to watch you - and interview you for future articles....

Deadline for sending in audition tapes is January 19. Here are the guidelines, as posted on the show's web site, located here: http://www.hgtv.com/design-star/are-you-a-great-designer-be-a-part-of-design-star-season-five/index.html

"This is what we are looking for:

Design Expertise: We're looking for great designers and we want to see your terrific portfolio.

Personality That Pops: We want to see someone who shines, so show us who you really are and don't be shy! Tell us why you deserve your own series on HGTV.

Passion for Your Work: We're searching for designers who will bring the world of design and decorating to life in their very own passionate and unique way.

HGTV Design Star is an on-air competition to name the network's next star. Finalists will compete in design-based challenges with one to two designers being eliminated each week. The contestants will be narrowed until the winner is announced in the final episode of the series.
Completed applications, video, photographs, copies of portfolio pages, and other materials required to be submitted must be postmarked by January 19, 2009." (I'm assuming they meant January 19, 2010 - as far as I can tell, this info is current; it's on the current Design Star web site....)

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