Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pinnacle of Style

On my recent trip to New York (getting to be less recent now; if I'd just keep up with my blogging a little better, I'd have written a book on my NY trip by now), I visited the New York Design Center. It's a giant high-rise filled with showroom after showroom of incredible, exclusive, to-the-trade resources. It wasn't anything like what I expected.

Don't get me wrong - it's fantastic.

It's just that I expected the NEW YORK Design Center to have a lofty air about it that set it miles apart from anything else I'd experienced so far in my fledgling interior design career. I expected glam, glossy showrooms (which it has) with glam, glossy and, I'll admit, snobby people inside them (not the case at all). The people running the showrooms in the NYCD were incredibly friendly and approachable. Even though I was there on vacation - and that was somewhat apparent in my attire, although I wasn't dressed like a total tourist slouch - I was treated like a professional. I visited some sources I'm familiar with and a few I hadn't seen before. A few favorites from my visit:

  • Celerie Kemble's new line for Laneventure, available at the NYDC through Henredon (funky and chic - combo of whimsy and serious design, all of it very high-style)

  • White on White, a source for Swedish design both mod and traditional (and I'm a huge fan of the Swedish floor clock, of which there were several antique examples)

  • Palecek, a source I already know and whose entire line I love (lots of eco-friendly items, with gorgeous reclaimed wood, etc.) The rep at the showroom was ridiculously helpful and nice.


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