Monday, June 15, 2009

What I'm Working On

Today, I'm in the midst of drawing floor plans for two different projects: the first a 110-year-old home - it actually has a name and a historical marker in the front yard - and the second an 8-year-old home that's undergoing a complete redo before a family of five moves in. I'm extremely excited about both.

The first project is being undertaken by one of my best and oldest friends, and the challenge with this house is updating it in a way that says 2009 without compromising the incredible historic character of the house. Her style is transitional, meaning a blend of traditional and contemporary elements - in this case, a blend of antiques and casual contemporary pieces mixed in with modern art and quirky, unique accessories. I'm working on a space plan for the large living room, which has loads of architectural detail. Most striking is a half moon-shaped window set into a corner of the room. Beautiful!

For the second project, I'm working on a space plan for the breakfast and family rooms while the adjoining kitchen undergoes a complete transformation. I've been helping the client narrow down her choices for flooring and finishes. I think she's going to go with a creamy paint finish on the cabinetry, and I'm trying to talk her into taking the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, adding glass doors to the upper cabinets and painting the interior a contrasting color to highlight the objects inside. (Sample photo above shows cabinetry by KraftMaid.) Soon, we'll begin talking furniture, art and accessories.

At any rate, time to stop blogging and start drawing!


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