Friday, June 19, 2009

Wallpaper's Comeback

The article I've been working on and babbling about on the wonderful new world of wallpaper ran today in The Commercial Appeal. Check it out at

Here's the sidebar, just for some quick tips:
Five Tips for Knockout Walls:
  1. Paper just one wall for an artistic accent. When used sparingly and in just the right spot, wallpaper can serve as a great focal point or even substitute for artwork in a space.

  2. Go all-out in a powder room. Often windowless and devoid of architectural interest, small powder rooms are a perfect place to experiment with bold patterns and fun colors that would overpower a larger room.

  3. Prep properly. Many people fear wallpaper because they think it's difficult to take down, and when it's improperly installed, it is. But when walls are prepared and primed correctly, almost any wallpaper will come down easily, the pros claim.

  4. Use wallcoverings in unexpected ways. Try papering a ceiling to add another dimension to a room. Place a graphic-patterned paper in a large frame for instant artwork. Or consider using paper on the door panels of a small cabinet or on the back wall of bookshelves for a punch of color.

  5. Have fun with it. Today's papers feature a wide assortment of unusual add-ons that bring new layers of texture into a space. Look for flocked or metallic papers, or papers adorned with glass beads, sand, mirrors and more.

Photo above, by the way, is from Thibaut, Inc.


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