Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Inspired

For some reason, I'm amassing a collection of photos of clusters of framed artwork. I don't know how it happened - I have an inspiration board hanging just over my left shoulder in my office, and lately, any time I run across a cool little vignette of framed art and/or photos, I print or cut it out and clip it on my board. (The one pictured here I found on Kelly Rae Roberts' blog - it's in her own house.) So I now have this sort of quirky little collection.

What to do with it?

I guess I have, now that I'm thinking about it, been envisioning a little cluster of frames on a wall in the bedroom I'm designing in my head. I want an off-the-wall (ha-ha, no pun intended) way to display family photos aside from the standard group-of-frames-on-the-dresser. And I do love to pull little inspirational bits and pieces of designs that speak to me and stick them in the "ideas" binder that sits on my desk - or pin them up on my board. And I also like the bohemian, artsy vibe of these disjointed little groupings on a wall.

So I guess the random collection I've been unthinkingly creating has a purpose after all. Hey, whatever inspires us, right?


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