Monday, June 29, 2009

Flavor of the Day

Here's a little chair I've been in love with since I first laid eyes on it at High Point Market last fall. It's sleek and gorgeous in black, as shown here, but it was even more spectacular in silver leaf, a new finish the manufacturer, DesignMaster, debuted at Market.

I'm eyeing it now for a client. It screams her style - classic and elegant, but with a stylish twist. I'd put it in a seating area I'm working to create in a nook just across from her entryway - a real focal point, the first thing you see when you step through the front door.

The home has two other dining areas, but this grouping would have a different purpose - games. My client is part of a bunko group, so additional tables and chairs are part of her regular entertaining needs. It would also make a great spot for family game night, puzzles and homework when kids enter the picture. At any rate, a round table with four of these eye-catching, simple but elegant chairs would be fantastic in this spot. All the chair needs is to be upholstered in a gorgeous-but-sturdy fabric. Something contemporary but classic. Like my client. Last but definitely not least, the seating area will be backed up by an oversized, contemporary, colorful piece of art. The client is an art lover, so when this area is finished, it will definitely scream "her."


Pamela said...

Beautiful piece of furniture. I can't wait to see the end results.

Solid Wood Table And Chairs said...

That table is beautiful! I really want to make one.
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