Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Flavor of the Day

So here's a little something I recently fell in love with. My favorite furniture rep came into our office last week to show us the latest pieces from his family's North Carolina-based company, Woodbridge. (One reason he's my favorite is that he always brings us lunch - food wins me over every time! ....I'd say ha-ha, but I'm not kidding.) Anyway, this little chair is exactly what I've been looking for to go under a desk-turned-nightstand in my own bedroom redo. I looooooove the color - it's new for the company; it's called lagoon blue. Mmmmm.

In my room, this chair will slide under a sleek, mod writing desk from West Elm, white and highly lacquered. The desk will be beside the bed, and behind it all will be the papered accent wall I've been babbling about on here for quite a while. I think the reason it has taken me so long to commit to my idea is that I hadn't found exactly the right pieces yet - because they hadn't made their way into my office yet. The chair came last week, just a couple of days after the *perfect* wallpaper made its way in - a new collection from Ronald Redding Designs called Medley. Not even on the Web site yet (but if you're interested, come on by my office). It's a modern paisley design, huge swirly amoebas in robin's egg blue (of course), citrus green and cream on a background of today's hottest neutral, pewter. It is soooooo me.


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