Monday, June 1, 2009

Flavor of the Day

I'm currently in love with robin's egg blue. This little chest by Bungalow 5, one of my favorite sources for adding a touch of whimsy to a room, is just so super-cute! I want it for myself. The tassel pulls in a chrome finish are unique and add an adorable retro touch.

One of my favorite things about this source is that many of its pieces are available in fun, funky colors - red, yellow, citrus green and of course, robin's egg blue - along with standard black and white. Another signature of its furniture is curvilinear, sculptural lines - which is what adds the touch of whimsy that I love. It would definitely take the right space to house a quirky little piece like this, and I want to design that space!


Megan Cathey said...

Ooo - I love this. I would love it in citrus green!

Lyndsey said...

I really like this too. Can this go in my retro/mod house. Guess I need more houses first. =)

Brad said...

There is no more perfect shade of blue, than this.

Keri said...

Hey Stacey! Small world-- I can't believe I landed on your blog. I love this dresser and well, anything in this color blue:-)! Great find!

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