Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thinking About Wallpaper

I've been thinking a lot about wallpaper lately, for a couple of reasons. One, I'm getting ready to buy some for my own home - for an accent wall in my master bedroom and master bath. It's a lovely spa blue printed with soft gold abstracted roses in a graphic pattern. I'd post it here, but there's not an accessible photo online and the book is at home, so I can't snap a photo. Soon! In the meantime, at left is a shot of paper from the same distributor, Memphis-based Seabrook Wallcoverings.

Anyway, the wallpaper will make a strong statement in the room, something that's sorely needed in what's currently a very blah space. I can't wait to get started and begin posting photos of the project!

The second reason wallpaper is on my mind is that I'm working on an article about its comeback. Yes, wallpaper is back in style! And it's not your grandma's wallpaper. Today's papers feature large-scale, graphic prints in bold colors. They're meant to accent a space, really, not to overwhelm it - hence the accent walls I'm planning in my own bedroom. I'm really looking forward to dishing on all the details of this trend. I'll post the article here when it runs!


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