Monday, May 18, 2009

Recent Stories

Along with designing, I do a lot of freelance writing, and I've been meaning to post stories here as they come out and plan to do that in the future. For now, I'm just going to post links to a few of my stories that have already run. All these ran in The Commercial Appeal newspaper in recent months. Here are descriptions and links:

1. This one is on DIY decorating and its pitfalls. Not that anyone can't or shouldn't decorate his or her own home. It is absolutely our right and one of the major perks of having our own place. But the advice of a professional is essential in some areas, and contrary to popular belief, it can actually mean saving money, too.

2. This story is about eco-friendly lighting options - and how to get the right type of light in your home without compromising the environment or your design aesthetic.

3. This piece ran a while back, but it's a favorite. It's on decorating babies' rooms. Definitely a soft spot in my heart for this topic.

4. Another old favorite. This story chronicles the city's design past and discusses its future.


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