Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Rugs

Still on the search for rugs to inspire the decor of the living room project I'm working on. This is not one I'm considering for this room, but it is one I found that I happen to like a lot. I'm a huge fan of overscaled, graphic patterns. I also love this blue-green combo. Cool color palettes have been speaking to me lately.

Along with rugs, I'm looking for art. My firm has some great sources we frequent for nice artwork, but I also love to scout local galleries. Some of my favorite places to look for art in Memphis are Palladio, Market Central and Gallery 56, all part of the same group and near one another on Central Avenue in Midtown; and Jay Etkin Gallery. Others I haven't been to in a while but that I've loved in the past include DCI Gallery, Lulalyn Gallery and Linda Ross Gallery.

Art is a funny thing to help someone purchase, because people have different ways of looking at it. For some, art is intensely personal and has to speak to them in some way. For others, it's just decoration, and as long as it fits with the color scheme and adds the right note to the decor, it's a go. I fall into the first camp. I buy art when I run across something I can't live without - I rarely have luck finding a piece for my own home when I'm actually looking for it. Then I'll make the pieces I collect fit with the design of my home in some way. I've also been known to design an entire room around one favorite piece. At any rate, it's not an area of design that I take lightly.

Art isn't an afterthought for me - it's usually my inspiration.


Jessica said...

I LOVE that rug! And a few posts back, that robins egg blue cabinet you were talking about? I want that too.

We are redoing our bathroom and I think I am going to do a skinny little cabinet for towels and stuff in bright blue. Either that or I might paint the cabinets blue. I haven't decided.

Jessica said...

Find a large selection of modern rugs from Spacify.

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