Monday, May 4, 2009

Inventory Sale

Well, my firm has joined the ranks of the many, many businesses with giant signs screaming "50% to 75% off all inventory!" We do have a purpose for it, though, beyond the recession-related obvious. Once this inventory is gone, we're not planning to replace it. Instead, we're turning our underused (because we get very little walk-in traffic) retail showroom space into a larger workroom and sample room. We desperately need more work space - we designers are crawling all over each other, and there's nowhere to spread out our individual projects for any length of time.

Plus, and even more interesting, we're going to attempt to create a resource room - a design center of sorts - for independent designers working in the Memphis area. We already have freelance designers who work through our shop, but we'd like to have more, and we'd like to give freelancers more resources to work from and more space to work in. It's pretty exciting, as far as changes go. At the very least, even if it takes some time to build our design center concept, we're changing our shopping habits to become more conservative with our inventory dollars. And in these days of belt-tightening and frugality, it seems like the smartest path to take.


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