Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interior Design Society

I've been meaning for a while to blog about a professional association I've joined. I learned about IDS, the Interior Design Society, at High Point Market in October, and I think it's a great group. IDS is targeted toward designers working in the residential side of the profession, which means it's aimed exactly at me. Other professional groups offer great benefits, as well, but no other group focuses solely on the needs and work of residential designers.

There's not a local chapter of IDS, but that's about to change if my co-worker and fellow IDS Memphis Kim Hamric have anything to say about it. Kim and I have taken steps to get a Memphis IDS chapter in the works. There aren't many members of the national group here yet, just eight to 10, so recruiting will be one our early chapter-forming activities. I'm really excited about the opportunity, because I think there are a lot of designers working locally who aren't actively involved in a professional association because they don't feel any groups are looking out for their unique needs as residential designers.

Originally formed as an offshoot of the National Home Furnishings Association, IDS has expanded its focus to cater to the needs of all residential design specialists, not just home furnishings dealers. I really hope Kim and I can build some excitement for this group. Eventually, we want to have monthly meetings with an educational focus. I'd love to network with more local members of the design trade, especially as my clientele and my writing portfolio grows.


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