Friday, April 24, 2009

Off to the Beach!

Well, it might be a few days before a new Flavor of the Day pops up. I'm off for a week of fun in Florida!!! Be back soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flavor of the Day

OK, so here’s what I’m currently working with – and totally enamored by. I’m designing a great gray-and-yellow master bedroom for a friend and client, and the drapery fabric is coming from this fantastic collection by Thomas Paul for Duralee. Guess I’m just a Duralee lover this week, but this collection is fun, graphic, modern and I’m all-around in love with it. Photos of the room will be here eventually – I can’t wait to see it start coming together!

What I'm Working On

Today we're shooting a commercial! Totally weird. I'm used to having my name in print, but not my face on screen! I think it will be fun though, and definitely great to help spread the word about our firm. The ads will run on local cable stations, including HGTV and E!, among others.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flavor of the Day

OK, so here's what I've fallen in love with today. Our Duralee fabric rep came in and showed us what's new in the world of Duralee Fine Furniture. This chair is so clean-lined and unique, and the rep swears it's actually very comfortable. I'll be going to the New York Design Center in a few months and I'm going to try it out for myself.
I loooooove it!

What I'm Working On

I'm just getting started with a new client, and right now I'm in the pondering stage - looking to get inspired. I can't wait to dig in and really start putting rooms together in this gorgeous suburban house.

It's such a busy week and busy time. We're in the process of shooting a commercial to run locally on cable stations. How fun! That means script rewrites for me. I want every word to be perfect to get across our message - that we design for the client, with the client's style and lifestyle in mind. We want spaces we design to be functional - not just gorgeous. And we want people to realize that designers are approachable and that good design can be affordable, even with a professional's help. That's a lot to get across in a 30-second spot!

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